Our History

Robert R. Cooper started as a masonry contractor in 1956 building fireplaces, block buildings and dairies in Escondido, California. By 1979, Robert’s reputation for quality and integrity was well established, providing his business the opportunity to expand into building residential neighborhoods in Oregon, dairies in Idaho, and subdivisions and shopping centers in California.

In 1977 Robert moved the company to Idaho, joining forces with his eldest son Brian, an experienced contractor in his own right. Growth continued and soon they were building commercial and residential projects throughout the Treasure Valley and Oregon. In 2005, Robert retired leaving the company’s leadership in Brian’s capable hands. In the same year, Brian’s sons, Derek and Zach, joined RRC Contractors continuing the family legacy. By 2010, Derek’s business skills, customer focus and lifelong construction experience earned him the position of president. Then in 2015, Derek partnered with Art Stevens who brought with him more than thirty years of success in the construction industry and corporate leadership. Art shares the heart of RRC: knowledge, quality and integrity. RRC Contractors is proud to have served its community for sixty years. We develop relationships with clients for the long term.

Working With You

Innovation is at the heart of what we do as a business every day. We focus on delivering value for customers by creating an efficient, assured and rewarding experience for all clients we work with. We have cultivated a strong reputation for building quality and excellence.


RRC Contractors has successfully tendered and negotiated projects for a range of clients including national corporations, private companies and local authorities. We have established a reputation for providing complex projects on time and within budget. Our portfolio includes industrial warehousing, retail, office and hospitality sector projects, ranging in value from small to large scale projects. RRC Contractors consistently deliver quality and exceed client expectations. Over our time in the industry this work has often led to a partnership approach on subsequent projects with the same clients.

We’ve had the good fortune of being part of numerous RRC Contractor’s projects and they have been just a real pleasure to work with. We especially have benefited from their vast experience and knowledge. Their ability to coordinate with the other trades as well as with the owners staff has saved us both time & money. The owner benefits from this approach by obtaining a quality project on time and under budget. We value our relationship with RRC Contractors and look forward to being part of their team well into the future.

Kevin Perez Company Owner, Mountain Power Electrical Contractors

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