East 38th Street, Garden City.

Industrial Sector

Background Information

RRC Contractors were commissioned to build a state of the art new warehouse and office space at East 38th Street, Garden City, Boise. With over 40 years construction experience in the Treasure Valley, RRC Contractors brought all of their knowledge to the table to complete the industrial build project on time and within budget.

Project Solution

RRC Contractors provided a range of services to successfully build the warehouse and office space. 

General Contracting Steps 

For the initial consultation step RRC Contractors met with the client to discuss their needs and requirements for the warehouse space. The aim was to understand the purpose of the space, the desired layout and features, and any special considerations such as zoning requirements or environmental regulations.

RRC Contractors then began the design and planning stage to develop a detailed layout and construction plan for the space. This included creating blueprints, identifying necessary building materials and equipment, and developing a project timeline and budget.

Approvals and permits were obtained before construction began. RRC Contractors secured all necessary releases from local and state authorities. This included building permits, environmental permits, and zoning variances.

RRC Contractors prepared the construction site for building by clearing the land, grading the area, and installing any necessary infrastructure such as utility lines and drainage systems.

RRC Contractors managed all aspects of the construction process, including sourcing and coordinating with subcontractors and vendors. In addition, it managed the project schedule and budget to ensure that all work was completed in accordance with design and construction plans.

All building systems were then installed with RRC Contractors oversight, including electrical, plumbing, heating, and cooling systems.

With the building complete RRC Contractors managed the finishing and landscaping tasks for the interior and exterior spaces, including installing flooring, painting walls, and landscaping the surrounding area.

The final inspection and project closeout was coordinated to ensure that the building adhered to all necessary safety and building codes. Upon passing inspections, RRC Contractors closed out the project after conducting a final walk-through. 


16,000 Sq.Ft.


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