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Background Information

Gonstead Spine & Wellness in Boise is a chiropractic clinic that offers the Gonstead Method of chiropractic care. Operated by Dr. Ryan Haderlie, The Gonstead Method is a specific chiropractic technique that involves a thorough analysis of the spine to identify areas of subluxation (misalignment) and then using manual adjustments to correct those subluxations. The method is known for its precision and specificity in identifying and correcting spinal misalignments. Gonstead Spine & Wellness in Boise are renowned for their professionalism, knowledge, and compassion. Patients have reported significant improvements in their conditions after receiving care at the clinic.

Project Solution

RRC Contractors used their over 40 years of construction experience in Design Build principles to work with Gonstead Spine & Wellness to construct their new premises in Meridian, Idaho. They were the single entity managing the job from inception to execution.

Design Build Service Steps

RRC Contractors met with Gonstead Spine & Wellness to discuss their vision for the new premises and their requirements for the project. They also discussed the budget and timeline for the project.

RRC Contractors developed a design for the new facility that met Gonstead Spine & Wellness requirements and budget. Aspects were considered such as building layout, medical equipment, and space planning for optimal functionality.

Cost Estimation
RRC Contractors provided Gonstead Spine & Wellness with a detailed cost estimation based on the design of the new premises, ensuring transparency and accuracy of the project's budget.

Permitting and Approvals
RRC Contractors obtained all necessary permits and approvals required for the project from the local authorities, and ensured compliance with building codes and regulations.

RRC Contractors oversaw all aspects of the construction process, including site preparation, foundation, framing, electrical work, plumbing, HVAC, and finishes, to ensure that the construction met the design and budget requirements.

Quality Control (QC) 
RRC Contractors maintained quality control throughout the project to ensure that the new facility was built to the highest standards, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Throughout the project, RRC Contractors maintained regular communication with Gonstead Spine & Wellness to keep them informed of the project's progress and to address any issues that arose.

Once the construction was complete, RRC Contractors conducted a final walkthrough with Gonstead Spine & Wellness to ensure that the new premises met their specifications and was ready for occupancy.


6,312 Sq.Ft.


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