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We’ve had the good fortune of being part of numerous RRC Contractor’s projects and they have been just a real pleasure to work with. We especially have benefited from their vast experience and knowledge. Their ability to coordinate with the other trades as well as with the owners staff has saved us both time & money. The owner benefits from this approach by obtaining a quality project on time and under budget. We value our relationship with RRC Contractors and look forward to being part of their team well into the future.

Kevin Perez Company Owner, Mountain Power Electrical Contractors

Background Information

Founded in 2007 Einstein's Oilery is a locally owned and operated business exclusive to the Treasure Valley with several locations in Boise, Meridian, Garden City. It specializes in oil changes, as well as other maintenance and repair services for vehicles.

The main focus of Einstein's Oilery is providing fast and efficient oil changes using high-quality products and equipment. The company offers a variety of different oil change packages, including synthetic, synthetic blend, and conventional oils, as well as additional services such as tire rotations, air filter replacements, and wiper blade replacements. Einstein's Oilery is well-known in Boise and other locations throughout Idaho for its efficient and high-quality oil change services.

Project Solution

As General Contractor, RRC Contractors was responsible for managing and overseeing the construction of Einstein's Oilery's oil change stations.

General Contracting Procedures

Pre Construction Planning
RRC conducted meetings with Einstein's Oilery to discuss their needs and preferences for their Oil Change station. This included a site survey, obtaining necessary permits and approvals, and developing a detailed construction plan and budget.

Site Preparation
After completing the planning phase RRC Contractors prepared the construction site. Preparation tasks included clearing the land, excavating the foundation, installing utility lines (water, electricity, gas), and preparing the site for building construction.

Building Construction
RRC Contractors then began oil change station construction. This step included the installation of all structural elements such as steel framing, roofing, and exterior walls. Interior elements such as electrical and plumbing systems were also installed during this phase. RRC Contractors coordinated with all subcontractors and vendors to ensure that materials and supplies are delivered on time and in accordance with the agreed construction plan.

Once the construction work was complete RRC Contractors finished the oil station. This involved installing flooring, painting walls, installing doors and windows, and finishing interior spaces such as restrooms and offices.

Final Inspections and Project Closeout
RRC Contractors coordinated final inspections to ensure the station met all necessary safety and building codes. With inspections passed, RRC Contractors closed out the project by conducting a final walk-through with the client and turning over all necessary documentation.


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