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Background Information

White Dog Brewery was founded in 2015 in Bozeman, Montana by brothers Troy and Joe Moore. As the first craft brewery in downtown Bozeman, the original location consisted of a 1,200 sq. ft taproom, a 1,200 sq. ft brewing area, and a 7-barrel Premier Stainless brewing system with 6 fermenters and 6 brite tanks producing roughly 1,000 barrels of beer annually. White Dog Brewing's mission is to provide customers a one-of-a-kind beer drinking experience. Its ambition is to provide customers with a truly exceptional experience and craft beer suitable for all palates with an unparalleled taste.

The brewery is known for its innovative and flavorful beers, many of which are brewed using locally sourced ingredients and unique brewing techniques. It has become a favored spot for beer enthusiasts, who praise the quality and taste of the brewery's beers, as well as its friendly and welcoming atmosphere. The brewery also offers a variety of seasonal and specialty beers throughout the year, as well as a small selection of bar snacks and appetizers. White Dog Brewing is dedicated to using local ingredients and supporting the local craft beer community.

Project Solution

For this project RRC Contractors used their experience in Design Build principles to work with White Dog Brewery and construct new premises for them in Caldwell, Idaho. Using the design build methodology RRC Contractors became the single point of contact to manage all aspects of the construction process, from initial design to final construction.

The Design Build Steps

RRC Contractors met with White Dog Brewery to discuss their vision for the new premises and their requirements for the project.

RC Contractors developed a design for the new brewery that met White Dog Brewery's requirements and budget, considering various issues such as the building layout, equipment, and space planning for optimal functionality.

Cost Estimation
RRC Contractors then provided White Dog Brewery with a detailed cost estimation based on the design of the new premises, ensuring transparency and accuracy of the project's budget.

Permitting and Approvals
RRC Contractors obtained all necessary permits and approvals required for the project from local authorities, and ensured compliance with building codes and regulations.

RRC Contractors oversaw all aspects of the construction process, including site preparation, foundation, framing, HVAC, electrical work, plumbing and finishes to ensure that construction met the design and budget requirements.

Throughout the project, RRC Contractors maintained regular communication with White Dog Brewery to keep them informed of the project's progress and to address any issues that arose.

Quality Control
RRC Contractors maintained quality control throughout the project to ensure that the brewery was built to the highest standards, with a focus on energy efficiency and sustainability.

Once the construction was complete, RRC Contractors conducted a final walkthrough with the client to ensure that the new premises met their specifications and was ready for occupancy.


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