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Northwest Development Companies has been working with RRC Contractors, Inc for many years. We have worked on a variety of project sizes, no matter the project, we know we are in good hands. They truly look after my interests and work for my success. Their integrity and personal approach are seen in everything they do.  Projects are consistently completed on time, within budget and with the highest quality. We look forward to working on more projects together.

Travis Stroud Owner Principal, Northwest Development Companies

Background Information

NWABA is a nonprofit organization that provides sports and physical activity opportunities for individuals with visual impairments or blindness in the northwestern United States.

The primary goal of NWABA is to promote inclusion, independence, and overall well-being among individuals with visual impairments through sports and recreational activities. By offering adaptive sports programs, camps, and other events, NWABA empowers blind and visually impaired individuals to participate in various sports, such as goalball, track and field, swimming, skiing, cycling, and more.

NWABA not only focuses on athletic development but also strives to foster a sense of community, teamwork, and self-confidence among its participants. The organization often collaborates with schools, community centers, and other organizations to expand its reach and provide more opportunities for visually impaired individuals to engage in physical activities.

Project Solution

RRC Contractors collaborated with NWABA to develop their new offices at 1444 Entertainment Avenue, Boise. RRC Contractors had full oversight on the projects and guided NWABA through the process from start to finish. Typical steps included the following:

Initial Consultation
NWABA initiated contact with RRC Contractors to discuss their project requirements and vision for the new offices. RRC Contractors assessed the scope of work, budget, and timeline during this phase.

Design and Planning
RRC Contractors collaborated with NWABA to create a comprehensive plan and design for the new offices. This involved architectural drawings, material selection, and other considerations to meet accessibility and specific needs for visually impaired individuals.

Permitting and Approvals
Before construction began, RRC Contractors handled obtaining necessary permits and approvals from local authorities and other relevant agencies.

Construction Phase
Once all plans and approvals were in place, RRC Contractors started the construction process. Managing the project, ensuring that the construction adhered to the agreed-upon design and specifications.

Collaboration and Communication
Throughout the project, RRC Contractors and NWABA maintained regular communication to address any concerns, updates, or changes that arose during the construction process.

Quality Control and Inspections
RRC Contractors conducted regular quality control checks and inspections to ensure construction met building codes and industry standards.

Project Completion
Once the construction was completed, RRC Contractors conducted a final walkthrough with NWABA to ensure that everything met their satisfaction. Remaining details or touch-ups were addressed during this phase.

Handover and Occupancy
Upon successful completion and approval from NWABA, RRC Contractors handed over the newly built offices.


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